London's Filipino Restaurant Josephine's

Soups & Starters Sabaw & Pulutan

Sinigang - Sour Soup
Small: £6.75/ Large: £13.25

Tamarind flavour soup with chunk of radish & string beans.

Can choose either pork or fish
Small: £6.75/ Large: £13.25

Ginger flavour soup with papaya or chow chow

Can choose either chicken or vegetable
Oriental Hors d'oeuvres (for 2 people)

A platter of prown rebosado, chicken wing, veggie spring roll, calamari prito & barbecue ribs

Hipon Rebosado - 4 pieces

Fried prawns in batter, lightly seasoned & coated with breadcrumbs

Lumpiang Prito - Vegetable spring roll

stuffed with chopped vegetable, served with chilli sauce

Lumpiang Maynila - Manila Spring Roll

Minced pork, herbs & vegetables wrapped and deep-fried

Lumpia Sariwa - Fresh Spring Roll

Steamed fresh vegetables rolled in egg wrap with chopped nuts on top and topped in a tangy sauce


Steamed meat dumpling stuffed with minced pork with herbs, wrapped in wanton. Served with soy sauce

Sitsaron Bulaklak

Deep fried pork flowers served with spicy